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Last modified: August 15, 1996
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The fRiDaY File, for August 15

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See Ya Later!


"A Drunkard would not give money to

sober people.

He said they would only eat it, and

buy clothes and send their children

to school with it."

-- Samuel Butler II


OK, so it's not Friday, but there won't be any

new material tomorrow (August 16).

And nothing at all next week.

Unless you're going to the conference in


that's where all the action will be.

All except

exploding toilets,

that is.



One of Microsoft's finest techs was drafted

and sent to boot camp.

At the rifle range, he was given some

instruction, a rifle and bullets.

He fired several shots at the target.

The report came from the target area

that all attempts had completely

missed the target.

The tech looked at his rifle, and

then at the target.

He looked at the rifle again, and

then at the target again.

He put his finger over the end of

the rifle barrel and squeezed the

trigger with his other hand.

The end of his finger was blown off,

whereupon he yelled toward the target area:

"It's leaving here just fine, the trouble

must be at your end!"


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