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Breck Carter
Last modified: February 12, 1998
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Tip 77: Sybase SQL Anywhere
Performance Tips & Techniques

1 - Can SQL Anywhere Handle Your Load?

There is no absolute limit to the number of connections SQL Anywhere can handle. However, the -gn or THREAD_COUNT option is limited to 100, meaning that with more than 100 concurrent users there may be delays because an execution thread is not available to service a database request. The practical maximum may be around 20 to 30 heavy users, or 40 to 50 users if they're not all making requests all the time.

With many client server applications each user spends most of the time working with data on the client and only submits database requests once in a while. For example, if the average user makes a database request every minute, and the server takes 1/10th of a minute (6 seconds) to satisfy that request, then one execution thread might be able to handle ten users. That means "20 to 30 heavy users" could become 200 to 300 average users.

The real answer depends on your situation. One determined user running the "Report From Hell" could bring the server to its knees whereas the load from a roomful of people doing data entry might not even be felt.

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