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Breck Carter
Last modified: February 12, 1998
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Tip 77: Sybase SQL Anywhere
Performance Tips & Techniques


"Performance is your reality. Forget everything else."
- Harold Geneen, former chief executive of ITT

If your application runs too slowly, your customers won't care about all the neat features. But you have to be careful:

"Optimization is not some mystical state of grace,
it is an intricate act of human labor which carries real costs
and real risks." - Tom Neff

The truth is SQL Anywhere runs well out of the box. It really is simple to administer, it really does minimize DBA involvement, and it really does have a cost-based query optimizer that does a pretty good job.

The myth is that you cannot tune SQL Anywhere. In many cases it might be true that (in the words of Sybase promotional material) the optimizer "eliminates the need for expert tuning" but that doesn't mean you cannot ever make changes to improve performance.

In fact you can tune SQL Anywhere. The documentation is full of suggestions about what you should and should not do to make it run better. The trouble is these suggestions are scattered throughout the manuals, and when you do find them they're often not fully explained.

That's what this article is all about. It gathers some of these suggestions in one place, explains them, and shows why they work.

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