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Breck Carter
Last modified: August 15, 1996
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Code For Prompt Before Printing

"Are you pulling my chain? I've never seen that HP Setup window you describe in Prompt Before Printing."

No, in fact a highly respected PowerBuilder expert once convinced me that I hadn't seen it either, that it was just some kind of coding error on my part.

It was quite funny at the time because we were standing in front of 200 people talking about the new features of PowerBuilder 4. I had just finished demonstrating a home-grown prompt window when he showed how it should be done by simply checking the "Prompt before print" box. And of course it worked just fine... color my face red.

It worked, of course, because he ran the program from the development environment. When you create an EXE the "HP Setup" window starts appearing instead of the prompt window you want. And with PowerBuilder 5 it appears to happen *all* the time.

Now, this problem doesn't happen in all environments. The folks in the sewing circle think it is peculiar to setups using HP Laserjet printer driver software. If it doesn't happen to you, be happy.

If you do have the problem you can get a .PBL containing f_prompt_before_printing by clicking here to download

See also: Prompt Before Printing.

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