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Breck Carter
Last modified: August 13, 1996
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User Defined Event Arguments

How do I declare arguments for user events in PowerBuilder 5? Whenever I press the "Args..." button all I see are the predefined arguments wparam and lparam, and they are greyed out.

In PowerBuilder 5 you no longer have to specify an "Event ID" like pbm_custom01 when you use Define - User Event. In fact, you must leave the Event ID field empty if you want to press the Args button and define your own arguments. If you fill that field in then all you'll see are the arguments already defined for pbm_custom01 and you won't be able to change them.

There's another reason to leave the Event ID empty: It's easier to create and maintain ancestor and descendant objects if you don't have to worry about pbm_customxx conflicts.

And if you get the Event Name wrong you can now change it without deleting and recreating the user event.

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