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The fRiDaY File, for May 19, 2000

I Am Geek

Hello world! I don't live with my parents in a room full of cables and assorted boxes.

My glasses aren't held together with sticky tape, and I don't live on pizza and Twinkies and potato chips.

I don't know Eric Raymond, Larry Wall, or Linus Torvalds, although I'm sure they are all really good coders.

I drink Jolt Cola, not Coke, and I eat sushi, not Big Macs.

I believe in open source for everything, not proprietary code, and it's spelled PERL, not pearl or purl.

I can proudly slap a penguin sticker on my monitor during an all-night Quake session.

A Palm Pilot IS a computer, a switch IS NOT a router, Bill Gates IS the Great Satan, and it's pronounced LIN-ux, not LYE-nux... LIN-UX!

The internet IS bigger than any country, the FIRST defence against government oppression, and the BEST damned thing that ever happened to the human race!

My name is h4X0rD00d AND I AM A GEEK!

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