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Breck Carter
Last modified: February 12, 1998
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Tip 77: Sybase SQL Anywhere
Performance Tips & Techniques

38 - Use TCP/IP

TCP/IP is generally regarded as the protocol of choice when it comes to network performance. It is preferred over IPX/SPX on routed WANs and also outperforms NetBIOS on a LAN as shown in Figure 38A. In this test 1000 large INSERT statements were placed in a 556K command file and run via ISQL. The remote NetBIOS connection required 99 seconds more than the local test. TCP/IP required 82 seconds more for a 17% saving over NetBIOS.

Figure 38A - TCP/IP Is Faster Than NetBIOS


( primary1 INTEGER NOT NULL,

data1 CHAR(100) NOT NULL,

data2 CHAR(100) NOT NULL,

data3 CHAR(100) NOT NULL,

data4 CHAR(100) NOT NULL,

data5 CHAR(100) NOT NULL,

PRIMARY KEY ( primary1) );

Contents of 556K file lantest1.sql:








... repeated 1000 times

ISQL command run from remote client:

READ e:\test\lantest1.sql;

Test results for 1000 INSERTs:

Local client: 25 sec.

Remote client via NetBIOS: 124 sec., 99 sec. more than local

Remote client via TCP/IP: 107 sec., 82 sec. more than local

Figure 38B shows examples of command lines for starting a server using TCP/IP on NT4 and a client on Windows for WorkGroups 3.11.

Figure 38B - Specify TCP/IP For Server And Client

DBSRV50 -c 4096K -ntiny -xTCPIP c:\test\tiny.db

DBCLIENW -xTCPIP{myip=} tiny

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